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1 - 6 August 2022
RAZDEDAUCH Meeting and Performances

Spaces Festival, Visaginas Cultural Centre, Lithuania

This summer, the participants of the "BET" project supported by the EU Creative Europe program visited several festivals in the Baltic countries and Norway. At the beginning of August, we worked and presented our creative activities in Lithuanian city of Visaginas. This very special city is the easternmost city in Lithuania, close to the border with Belarus. The city was built to serve the employees of the Ignalina nuclear plant, but because the plant station is in the process of closing, there is a lot of investment in the transformation the city, including the promotion of culture.


We had two performances at the Spaces Festival of "Razdedauch" at Visaginas Cultural Center. In addition, our project's dance artists Olga Zitluhina (Latvia) and Virpi Juntti (Finland) led movement and dance art workshops within the festival. In connection with the performance, there were discussions with local youth and project development meetings with project members.

Date of event: August 1-6, 2022.

Artists: Olga Zitluhina (Latvia), Ramona Galkina (Latvia), Vilnis Bīriņš (Latvia), Baiba Ozolina (Latvia), Toby Gunn (Sweden), Virpi Juntti (Finland), Oleg Ostanin (Finland), Goda Laurinavičiūtė (Lithuania), Solveig Lenan-Hermo (Norway), Nikolay Shchetnev (Norway), Fiona Millward (England), Tiina Ollesk (Estonia), Renee Nõmmik (Estonia), Gerhard Lock (Estonia), Anton Ovtsinnikov (Ukraina).

Visaginas Spaces Festival: Audronis Imbrasas, Juraite Leinartaite (Lithuania).

Supported by: Creative Europe, Visaginas Municipality, Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, Latvian Ministry of Culture, Nordic Mobility Foundation, Estonian Ministry of Culture.

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