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13 - 19 November 2023
RAZDEDAUCH Meeting and Performances

Artic Culture Centre and Hammerfest Museum, Hammerfest, Norway

DanseFestival Barents is the world's northernmost dance festival which took place 15 - 19 November 2023 in Hammerfest, Norway.


Project BET travelled to Hammerfest and was resident their 13-19 November 2023. We participated in the festival with “RAZDEDAUCH” performances as part of the Festival opening on November 15 in Artic Cultural Center followed by a full performance on November 16 in Gjenreisningsmuseet, the Hammerfest Museum.


Additionally as part of the festival, project BET provided workshops for a younger audience at a local kindergarten. As part of this workshop we explored with them their own spontaneous movements, how they might connected with each other, and how to learn by watching and sensing others moving around them.


Project artists from Estonia also presented their dance performance “There is a Chair waiting to be sat on”, on November 18 at Artic Cultural Center.

Photos: Benno Voorham and Gerhard Lock

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