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19 March - 8 April 2022
RAZDEDAUCH Meeting and Performances

Sakala3 Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia

This working session into our first performance of RAZDEDAUCH from project BET took place at the Sakala3 Theatre, Tallinn.


It was so close to being the first time all of us would meet and working together as a group due to the pandemic, but sadly we were missing Solveig who had a nasty break to her arm and was unable to travel. We remain hopeful that, despite being located across Europe and juggling many different elements, we will all come together for a full house of 12 artists soon.


We spent the first five days intensively rehearsing material made previously over the past months alongside creating new material for those who were meeting for the first time. The next 6 days involved  linking the series of sections together and refining transitions before the final two days leading up to the performance were busy finalising costumes, sound, land lighting. The following days were taken up with teaching and working with the local community.


The beautiful building offered multiple spaces within which to located sections, as well as respond and create anew, and was perfect for a promenade performance that led the audience to several locations from the mirrored basement up to the large studio at the top via the bar area and wonderful double staircase. 

We were accompanied through this process by 6 MA-choreography students Sandra Põld, Aneta Varts, Kristiina Vilipõld, David Truusa, Birgit Orulaid, Marit Miller (Tallinn University). They had time to analyse our creative methods, becoming involved in the questions-problems that were arising for us, how we combined ideas, and how we built up the performance. Their feedback and support was very generous throughout and it was a real pleasure to have their company and to get to know them well. 

You can watch video clips from the process here  and watch an interview with dancers here

The project was created in cooperation with Tallinn University BFM IKUMUMU and Choreography Curricula, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Estonian Academy of Arts sound-production course students. As part of the performance we worked with music and sound created created by composers Hans Gunther Lock and Otto Livari  (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre) and Gerhard Lock and Ardo Richter (Tallinn University). 

The lighting and technical support was from Ants Kurist.

The images were taken by Julia Zitluhina.

This project is supported by Creative Europe with the Project partner organisations: Fine5 Dance Theatre (Estonia), Stellaris DansTeater (Norway), Association Party (Latvia). Dance artists involved are from Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and UK.

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