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A production about living boundaries

„RAZDEDAUCH" is a collaborative promenade performance created by 12 dance artists over the age of 45. We are a transnational group from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom, and have also welcomed guest artists from Finland, Ukraine and USA.

The performance invites the audience to travel alongside us as we inhabit and animate different spaces within each building. The fluidity of the piece comes from the fact that sections we bring transform in relation to the history and nature of the place, and are interspersed with new elements created specifically in response to each unique environment.

Becoming present reveals the gained experience we all carry within us, with our interest for this project being to illuminate that uniqueness and capitalise on our commonalities and differences within the process of creating. The particularity of the past two years has challenged, shaped and expanded our shared practice, becoming a catalyst for the interweaving themes of breath, physical proximity, and boundaries. Coming from different countries our meetings have been few and fleeting and have taken many different forms and constellations, yet, something meaningful always comes into existence when we are simply present in a moment with each other. Underscoring this project and performance of mature dance artists from different backgrounds is the celebration of the notion that dance and dancing belongs to everyone – at every age.

Performances so far 2022-2023 | Click below to see images and read more about each performance:

April 1st & 2nd  2022 | Estonia - Sakala3 Theatre, Tallinn

June 21st | Latvia 2022 - "Time to Dance" Festival, Riga

August 4th & 5th 2022  | Lithuania - Visaginas Spaces Festival, Visaginas

September 30th & October 3 2022 | Norway - Kirkenes Samovarteatret, Kirkenes

May 24th & 25th 2023 | Finland - Tampere Tanssivirtaa Festival, Tampere

November 15th & 16th 2023 | Norway - DanceFestival Barents, Hammerfest

BET 45+ stands for Body Experience Time. Between the 15 bodies in the project to this point, we have 516 years of professional experience and 903 years of time between us. We also have 4672 (and counting) opinions on what dance is and how each performance should be.


If you want to know where the name RAZDEDAUCH comes from….please feel free to get in touch.

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Supported by: Creative Europe, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Latvian Ministry of Culture, Latvian Cultural Endowment, Nordic Culture Point, Barents Secretariat, Arts Promotion Center Finland, EU Creative Europe.

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